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Rambling update

Infernum II - the Book of the Tormentor aka the GMs guide is almost half done. Which would be fine, if the deadline weren't in ten days. I've gotten a two-week extension onto that, but that time's coming out of the time for Infernum III. Hah. Ah well, I'll deal with that in February.

The GM's book is going well, though, despite its lateness. I'm almost finished the monster chapter, which is fun. I've got all the generic beasties and sample demons done, so we're onto the things that are nasty and weird enough to want to invade Hell itself. Tomorrow will be the Dimension-Jumping Dream Werewitches and the Survivors from the previous Creation, after today's Bronze Head Construct Warmachines.

Playtesting on Book I seems to be producing good feedback. It's nice to have time to revise and correct a book - normally, I do one book and then switch to something completely different. This time, I've been working on Book I while writing Book II, which means I can rebalance the problem sections and correct the inevitable brainfarts (today's correction - the fuel consumption rules for hellish vehicles, as written, means that the cost of the vehicle is less than the cost of two day's fuel. Oops.)

Warpcon: I have my Halo scenario almost done. I somehow need to do Cthulhu and Exalted in between Books II and III. Hah again.

Campaigns: I accidentally filibusted the supposed-to-be-last session of the Exalted campaign. (The GM asked if we had any plans to stop the Big Bad - I proposed so many that we ended up starting the big fight late). We're so so dead.

In the Sharn City Watch game, we finished off Shadow of the Vampire's Blade. They technically only got to scene 2.5, but the pacing in the scenario as written is way off. The final scene was awesome though, involving the exhausted and injured PCs webbing an airship to stop it taking off, then tag-teaming the vampire to 0 hit points. 'twas great. I love airships.

Books: I grabbed the Book of Iron Might purely on buzz, 'cos I never bother with combat-options beyond the core. On reading it, though, I'm surprised by how wonderfully obvious and useable it is, and it will probably see play, if only to help me cope with Ed's weirdness.

Next up for reading is Free Companies for Conan, because I probably want to rewrite chunks of its mass combat for Book III, and all sorts of Starship Troopers stuff.

And all this plus Christmas too. I need a time machine.

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