Mytholder (mytholder) wrote,

Why I'm Glad I Don't Normally Remember My Dreams...

I'm in a European city, running to get a train. I realise I've forgotten one of my bags, and will have to turn back and get it, thus missing the train and trapping me in the city. Only it's not just me, I'm there with coffee_lifeform and fluffworld and Ed and Aidan and possibly others. We're all trapped in the city and homeless.

So we find this abandoned aviary and break in and start living there. Only people see movement inside in the aviary, and think it's open again, and a huge queue forms at the ticket office. In a heartwarming montage of efficiency, we scrub and fix and hatch the aviary up and in no time at all, we're running the aviary profitably. fluffworld's in the ticket office, Ed's the manager, Aidan's taking care of the animals. I can only surmise coffee_lifeform is running the cafeteria, which frankly is a terrifying thought.

Anyway, Ed comes to me and says that he's got a new idea for attracting customers to our aviary - badger baiting. He wants to stick six badgers in a pit and have them fight. In the dream, this sounds like a great idea. However, he's worried that they'll kill each other too quickly.

Luckily, the dream works according to the rules of D&D3.5, so I'm able to calculate that even if all the badgers turn on one of their number, it's statistically unlikely that we'll get a kill in the first round. He wanders off to get Aidan to dig a badger pit.

I find my bag and head for the train.

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