Mytholder (mytholder) wrote,

Photoblog: Morocco (days one and two)

I'm only going to put a fraction of them up here - more will be going in my photobucket when I get a chance.

Big pictures below.

Arrival in Agadir airport.

Sunset on the beach at Agadir the following day. I have about a trillion sunset photos, but I think this is best.

Cat on the beach.

Camel guy spies his prey.

'No, really, I'm not getting on the camel.'

Camel guy at his most noble.

Frank and the money shot.

Atlas mountains.

The original Kasbah, apparently. We did not rock it overmuch. It looks like Edoras, he geeked.

Cat and Sadhbh. (coffee_lifeform and fluffworld).

This dude sold me a carpet at a low, low price, in exchange for publicity. If you're ever in Morocco, in the Atlas mountains, go to him and tell him I sent you. They make carpets the traditional way and take all major credit cards.

Sadhbh again.

Me in front of somewhat more interesting scenery.

Pretty much everyone plus random other people on the tour.

Look, the next few are just generic purtiness.

Interesting arch.

Camels! Will trade for camels!


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