Mytholder (mytholder) wrote,

Gaming Rambling

I finally got to see a copy of OGL Wild West. It seems to have turned out quite well, although I'm slightly iffy about the sheer number of quick reference tables at the back. Ah well, it's partly my fault for not providing enough text or something. While googling for any early reviews, I came across this. Nominated? What?

I need to get serious work done this week. My cthulhu scenario for Gaelcon is done, but the current project needs to be pulled out of a hole.

I ran the second session of Sharn City Watch game tonight. I suspect it has teething troubles. The end of the session was weak and oddly contentious, and one of the PCs is disrupting things in exactly the same way the a/state game got disrupted.

On the bright side, have enough new books to choke a horse. (Oh, I also finally read the second/third/fourth Harry Potter books over the weekend. Comments to follow at some point.)

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