Mytholder (mytholder) wrote,

Gaming Roundup

OGL Wild West is finally out. Initial reports (as in, the reports of the first guy to buy it and post about it) are good, which makes me happy. The whole project was such an absurd leap into the dark that just not falling down completely is a triumph.

I'm still waiting for the Traitor's Manual and Psi-Corps books to come out. They're both stuff I actually know is good.

My ego is also being ticked by books based on stuff I've done. Pelgrane's Book of Unremitting Horror is usuable with OGL Horror and looks shiny (have just applied to playtest), while Phil Reed's Demiplanes book draws on my Book of the Planes I did. This is all good.

* * *

It's been all change in the campaigns I'm running. The Tuesday night Eberron group just got assigned to the big skyship that'll be the focus of the first big arc of the campaign (they're basically a mercenary away team). The Sunday night Eberron game (Sharn City Watch) is just getting started, but I have high hopes. The latter has the tightest campaign focus I've had in ages.

My alleged a/state game ends on Thursday. They've found the Morninghouse Gate said to lead out of the City. Sadly, about a zillion factions are after them. It's all going to end in tears and knives.

And finally, in Rob's Exalted game, my recent bout with morals seems to have come to an end. Imarron the Golden (my PC) has been distracted by a shiny flying ship with a shiny spellbook on board. I'll be back to arguing that we have to help save the world just as soon as I've got Magma Kraken.

* * *

I'm going to miss Confess, just like I missed pretty much every Irish con this summer. Suckiness.

* * *

And there's the big project. The one I started two weeks ago, and will be on until February at the earliest. I'm still only laying the foundations at the moment, editing chunks of the SRD, poking at the outline... I'll admit to being rather intimidated by the sheer scale of it all.

I'm hoping to have a playable draft of the basic system done in the next few weeks - but that still means there's a six-week or so gap between the end of the a/state game and any playtesting. Any ideas for filling the gap?

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