Mytholder (mytholder) wrote,

Photos from France

My new toy is a digital camera.

My uncle has been on holiday in France for the last few weeks, and suggested that my mother and I come over for the last week. I suspected his ulterior motive was to get spare babysitters for his youngest child.

We stayed in a rather nice 16th-century farmhouse.

The eldest there is Gina, who's just finished a degree in History and Politics and is considering her options in world domination. The middle child is Isabelle, who read from the Pellanor Fields to the end of Appendix 2 in the first three days we were there, and that certainly means something. The youngest is Katherine, who is evil incarnate.

I went for a walk on the second day. (The first day was spent travelling and recovering from the Worst Bus Journey Ever.) Here's some corn.

And a ruined house.

And a nice wood.

And yet another ruin.


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