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Off to France for a week on Thursday (my uncle's on holiday over there and is staying on for another week, so my mother & I are heading over as well). I expect my uncle and I will be stuck inside writing while my cousins and mother wander off into the countryside. Ah well. (On a side note, I've scientifically proven* that working on monster books sends me on holidays. The last monster book I worked on was Machines and Mutants, and I wrote half of my section for that in Morocco. Now I'm doing an as-yet-unnamed monster book for Mongoose and I'm off to France. I'm hideously behind, of course, but what else is new?

*: for a sufficiently wide definition of science.)

In other work news, stuff is afoot. The current plan is for me to be working on a single big project from next month until, ooh, January. I went slightly nuts in town and bought about sixty quid's worth of research material today. Like I don't have enough to read.

I also tried to get X-Box Live set up, but the set I got from HMV (Splinter Cell/X-Box Live setup in one box) was missing key elements like a disc, so I brought it back and technically made ten quid for my trouble. I may invest in a digital camera, for this and other potential foreign trips this year (USA!? Swindon!? Norway!? Egypt?!)

Exalted: We got royally stomped last week by a rogue's gallery of every_npc_we've_met_so_far. We went to Gem, failed to destroy it as custom dictates, and ended up legging it using mercury ants to dig an escape tunnel. This week, Ed monopolises most of the session using Solar Bureaucracy and Presence charms to get involved in a war with the Guild over citrus fruit. I insult Sidereals and summon more demons, then come up with the Greatest Plan Ever.

A-State: The PCs have gotten themselves so screwed, I can't even describe it. The combat machine character is in an iron lung, the serial killer will be shot on sight by the rest of the party, the conniver can't think of anything to do, and the other two just escaped from a Macrocorp-run matrix to find themselves still captured.

D&D - Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil: Almost finished. The characters assaulted the heart of the Black Spike, tangling with a pair of uber-high-level clerics. Disintegrates and destructions flew like crazy, and the most common forms of movement were going ethereal or smashing through stone walls by sheer damage.

D&D - Eberron: On a Mearlsian kick (started off with a hasty conversion of The Cursed Crown and following it up next week (well, two weeks) with Belly of the Beast) at the moment. Characters just hit second level. Another few simple little plots, then the real story begins...

Right. I'm just blithering at this point. Rumour has it that the coffee shop in the new Other Realms has some concoction with nigh-lethal levels of guarana and ginseng in it, which might be enough to get me through tomorrow with a viable word count.

Oh - I need ideas. Anyone who wants to help out, feel free to post monster names in the comments. I am not above outright theft and abusing my friends for profit.

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