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Finished the book at 6am, and ended up crashing in Ed and Jackie's house. I always seem to sleep infinitely better in strange places than I do at home. Maybe I should become a nomad. Anyway, book is done and away, and I start the next one on Monday. In the mean time, I've got half a dozen proposals and other bits of textual housecleaning to do.

In other news, I dragged my housemates to see my uncle's play/installation/event, Croon (which, to quote one of the flyers, 'A choir like capsule, a mechanical crooner, a stilt-walker navigating between glistening pillars, a Gollum-like technician tending to a ruined factory purpose-built for this event in a vast industrial warehouse. These are a few glimpses of the visual/theatrical feast you will encounter in this extraordinary promenade event developed jointly by the sculptor and writer in a radical attempt to fuse theatre and visual art in a way that is awe-inspiring, funny and vastly entertaining.'

It was...weird. It was very Gamma World, of all things. The second part of it took place in a massive warehouse, where the audience stood around in a concrete bunker while sirens and other noises wailed. The actress, playing 'Maintenence', ran around the bunker doing all sorts of ritualised tasks to keep the nuclear reactor running, giving us a running commentary on the various elements and problems with the reactor.

The first part of it, by the way, involved a man teaching what I assume to be a cryogenic pod full of severed heads to sing. None of us had a clue what the third part of it was about. It involves philosophy and stilts. Aidan pointed out that the guy lying on the floor moaning incoherently was in the same pose as one of the art pieces in the first section. That probably means something. Going to experimental theatre after a night of typing probably wasn't a good idea.

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