Mytholder (mytholder) wrote,

In the last hour...

...I discovered that a file which should have been sent off two weeks ago wasn't in the zip file I mailed in, nor was it anywhere on my desktop machine. Not even in the bloody recycle bin. Nor was it on my sacred memory stick.

I proved I was not going insane by finding a copy on my laptop.

No sooner did I do this then my laptop stopped charging. Regular readers may remember many, many posts about laptops, and chargers, which were at least partially resolved when I bought a new charger less than a month ago. This charger now appears to have given up the ghost.

I rescue the file off the laptop via a floppy disc and send it off. This is a good thing. I then go back to the battery-life-only laptop and grab the unfinished warpcon scenarios off it, putting them on my memory stick.

Which then decides that it only likes one USB port on my desktop machine, and that's the same one that my modem likes. Cue much juggling. I think I've got everything I need off the laptop for the second time in as many months, but christ...

Update: It's working this morning, although I certainly don't trust it.

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