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When last we left our hero, he’d run a marathon. Other highlights since then:

  • The wedding (HUGE SUCCESS)
  • Honeymoon in Iceland (also fun; considerably less ice than expected though)
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, as we found out we were extremely unlikely to have kids using conventional methods. Now, when a man and a woman love each other very much, they go and talk to a nice Chinese laboratory technician who claims his name is Sean… (current status: there are eight viable embryos in a freezer)

In between those, and the dog walking/house renovation/rolling family nonsense/ongoing rpg campaigns/xbox360 quotidien existence, I’ve been cramming in as much freelancing as I can manage. The Laundry just came out in pdf (print should be out in the middle of next month), and the first two supplements (Black Bag Jobs, an adventure anthology, and a player’s guide) are close behind it in the production queue. My first adventure for D&D, the Goblin Hole, came out in July; I’ve got another four Pathfinder articles coming out from Paizo in the next few months. I’ve also got two ongoing gigs – I’m updating Secrets of the Ancients for Mongoose, and I’ll be doing a series of short supplements for Pelgrane’s lines over the year.

Any gaps in my schedule, I’m planning to fill with my own material, like the poor neglected Milkyfish projects, but as my freelancing is our major source of income right now, I’m concentrating on work-for-hire that pays off moderately quickly.

The last six months were all about treading water while we survived the wedding; now, we’re finally moving forward.

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