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Not so much “up periscope” as “blow ballast tanks”

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Certain people on twitter have taken to using ‘up periscope’ or ‘down periscope’ to denote going on or off the internet in order to get some work done. For the last few weeks, I’m not sure if I’ve been stuck at the bottom of the ocean or ashore on a sandbar; either way, blogging has been minimal. I look forward to July – after marathon, after wedding, after current deadlines – as a promised land of milk, honey and minimal to-do lists.

Currently, my main project is an adventure anthology for the Laundry, entitled Black Bag Jobs.  I’m also working on an adventure path for Traveller based on the old Secret of the Ancients adventure, and this weekend I’ll be rewriting and editing the special bonus actually-set-in-Arkham Trail of Cthulhu adventure to go along with the not-actually-set-in-Arkham-at-all-stupid-working-title Arkham Detective Tales. After that, I’ve got some more Cubicle 7 and Pelgrane Press work lined up (yet more adventures!), and many other projects (such as Milkyfish, finally).

We’re still on track for the marathon on the 7th of June. There’s still time to sponsor us, if you’re feeling generous. The last few weeks of training have been disrupted by stag/hen nights and illness, so we probably won’t have as good a time as we hoped, but we shall finish the damn thing or explode our tendons trying.

(I must also publicly applaud my best man, Aidan Rafferty. It takes a special kind of courage to let this interview get published on a weekend when, traditionally, the groom is supposed to be one who is mocked and humiliated.)

Back to work. Gotta keep the wolf from the door. (Actually, the wolf is pretty far from the door, but the deadlines are rolling closer….)

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