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In Memoriam

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The Cork City marathon takes place on the 7th of June.

I’m running it.

In much the same manner that an oil tanker pirouettes, or a mountain gently bounces, I’m running it.

I have never been the most athletic individual, even for a gamer, and I still darkly mutter that the best way of moving forty kilometres is to put thousands of years of science to good use and use something with a wheel, preferably four of them and an internal combustion engine. Or, since the marathon starts and finishes in the same place, I could stay right there. Nonetheless, deli & I are going to run the damn thing.

We’ve another reason for doing this, beyond fitness and hatred of one’s own knee cartilage. My mother Helen Hanrahan passed away in September of last year. She suffered from a lung condition called sarcoidosis; it progressively reduced her lung capacity. In her last few months, just walking across the room would completely exhaust her, and she needed the support of oxygen machine almost 24 hours a day. The disease forced her to retire early, and then restricted her more and more until she was virtually bedridden.

Through it all, she remained herself – endlessly generous, scathingly intelligent, and thoroughly wonderful.

We’re running the marathon in her memory, and we’re asking for sponsorship. Any money we raise will be donated to the Irish Lung Fibrosis Association. The sponsorship page is here. Any donations or supportive messages will be immensely appreciated.

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