Mytholder (mytholder) wrote,

Catch-up Post

* Went down to Kerry: to spend the weekend with delichan's family. All very nice, and I introduced her nieces to Settlers and Snorta
* Wrote some of my con scenario essay: I actually started that essay two laptops ago, but recent debate gave me the impetus to actually write it. It'll be at least six parts long, probably more. I can ramble on this topic a lot.
* Went to see Fred the Band: In the Pavilion. It was the first time I'd been there in years, and I was struck by immense nostalgia for Lee's dodgy indie club there. Good times.
* Went sofa hunting: Complicated by the fact that my mother is still housebound, so we have to bring sofa samples back to her for approval. Nearly there.
* Learned that there are balloon modeling cons: Apparently, the Belgians are well into their balloon modeling. I'm increasingly suspicious of Belgium. It may be a front for an alien invasion or something.
* Called up to 503: I haven't seen any of my Cork friends in a while outside of gaming, so I called up to the old flat...
* Played Roborally:...and gamed. We played what amounted to two games of RoboRally. In one game, Rob played solo, zooming across the board and winning without taking any damage or even seeing another robot. In the other, coterminous game, four other robots shot, bashed, pulled and crushed each other in an orgy of oily mayhem. I came second, which meant I hit the first flag several turns after Rob hit his second.

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