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2008/2009 Gamesblogging

As inspired by gothwalk...
2008: At the height of my 2008 gaming, I was running or playing in four campaigns per week. Sunday started out as Traveller, then Dark Heresy (Campaign site), then switched to D&D4e. Mondays was mostly boardgaming and Game of Thrones, with some Doctor Who playtesting and occasional visits to the Rebel Alliance. Tuesdays had Denis's very successful Spirit of the Century game. Wednesdays was a mix of Dark Heresy and a small bit of Pendragon. I'm probably missing other games in there too.

Now We Are Here faltered due to lack of time and focus on my part. On the bright side, I've been clean of WoW for over a year now.

Work - off the top of my head, I wrote Traveller (256 pages), Betrayer of Asgard (160 pages), High Guard (128), Prison Planet (128), Big Book of Bots (64), Thin Green Line (64), Alpha Complex Nights 2 (64), Mandatory Mission Pack (32), War on [INSERT NOUN HERE] (32), Hammer's Slammers (200) and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting. My word-count for the year is probably under 700,000, which is quite a bit lower than normal.

I haven't gamed at all, really, since Gaelcon. November was spent mostly in hospital or doing house repairs, and December got eaten by all the stuff that should have been done in November. Right now, I'm already eating into my January schedule with stuff I meant to write last month. Other than some brief playing of Fallout 3 and Prince of Persia, I've hardly killed any monsters at all. This is not normal behaviour for me.

2009 - well, the year doesn't start until Warpcon anyway, and I've still got two scenarios to write for that. After that, I need to get at least one regular game going. I'm hoping to play in a SOTC-powered Stargate game soonish. The Wednesday group are supposed to be playing Dragon Warriors, but I'm down two players already for the first session.

In the long-term, I've a huge stack of ideas for games to to write and to run. The trick will be finding the time to play. It's not looking like the first few months of 2009 will be any less crazy than the latter quarter of 2008. I'll play when I can, I guess.
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