Mytholder (mytholder) wrote,

Now we are here, General Transmission #35

>C-link engaged
>PROSPERO network open/general/secpro: null/xprospero
>SUBJECT: Don't you know there's a recession on?

Engineering is reporting a problem. It looks like some of the construction materials we recovered from one of the crashed cargo pods were damaged. One of the colony's ongoing construction projects will have to be put on hold for the moment.

The candidates for the chop are...
Well, Security has planned a more extensive defence system around Landing, with upgraded sensors, gun emplacements and all manner of other gadgets. They also want to clear out the wormballs from around Landing's heat vents.

The medical facility we currently have is big enough for our current population...but our current population is growing. At some point, the expansion to the medical facility - which includes a maternity wing - will be vital, but we could probably muddle through for a while.

The shuttle fuel refinery has been an ongoing project for some time, but keeps running into problems. The recent operations off the coast have also been rather costly in terms of fuel. Postponing the refinery will cut into our fuel reserves even more.

The easiest option to my mind (such as it is) is to cut the auditorium project. I've never seen the point of having a large civic building/performance space anyway, not when you can all just c/link in. Still, traditionalists and luddites want a big empty box with comfy chairs.

Finally, we could just delay construction of any new settlement for the moment. It's not like Landing's that cramped.

At least it's not from my perspective in orbit. You're all just dots to me.

Which construction project should be cancelled?

Expanded defences
Medical facility
Shuttle fuel refinery
Delay construction of the secondary settlement
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