Mytholder (mytholder) wrote,

Twitter/News in Brief

I've only got time to twitter at the moment - should I feed my twitter over here on livejournal as so many others do?

Also, news in brief:
* delichan and I are looking for a flat together
* Work is very busy, but I think I'm coming out of the worst of it. Or at least getting my stuff together.
* I finally got a raise (although I'm still offering up prayers for the health of Sterling).
* Running two Dark Heresy games, and playing ASoIaF again.
* Planning a million things (D&D games, a new blog, other new projects, a rebooted Now We Are Here, other writing)
* Social life is very busy, with many many trips. (One wedding down, two to go in the next few weeks, a sudden doubling of family visits, and I'm off apparently to GenCon UK and Swindon next month sometime)
* I vaguely recall what that sleep thing is like.
Tags: a suddener world, bullet points, gaming, life, not enough time, twitter

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