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In The Grim Darkness Of The Darkness

So, I'm running a session of my Dark Heresy campaign. The group have messed up slightly, and they're entering this massive Imperial basilica (one of the holiest sites in the sector, a cathedral to rival any on Holy Terra), and treading on the bloody remains of the millions of pilgrims who were killed in the cult-fomented rioting they notably failed to stop. I'm describing the gothic architecture, the titanic statues of the Space Marines, the gore underfoot, the shot-gun armed priests defending their pulpits from the slavering mob, the fires burning in looted shrines, the horror, the horror...

...and delichan shows up with an ice-cream cone for me. Do you have any idea how hard it is to convey at atmosphere of gothic sci-fi horror with an ice-cream cone in one hand?

(It didn't help that a few moment later, one of the players misheard me saying 'there's a mural of the Emperor battling Horus' as 'there's a mural of the Emperor battling whores', leading to speculation about the Pimp Power Fist and purple shoulder pads...)
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