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Now We Are Here, General Transmission #30

Following on from this...

One of the security team leans out the shuttle's door and aims a microgrenade launcher into the wind. You all feel a slight twitch as his c/link uses the shared capacity of the network to augment his aim - and the little grenade flies neatly into the open hatch of the crashed ship. A cloud of pungent gas billows out.

A moment later, a figure staggers out and blindly sprays a hail of inaccurate fire from an automatic pistol before collapsing to the deck, unconscious. The security team quickly seize the crashed pod and secure the prisoner. A quick scan of his face reveals that he is Mattas, one of the Flight Crew. He's got more guns strapped to him than he can carry, and the pod appears to be filled with weapons of various kinds, along with the bodies of two more Flighters, who were killed by the impact. The pod appears to have been hastily packed with equipment, and is beginning to sink. The security team salvage what they can before bringing Mattas back to the shuttle.

The triped alien got a lungful (or lung-analogue-full) of the gas, and toppled into the water. It landed on top of a trio of what look like wormballs, but there are vegetable-fibre fastenings wrapped around them. The alien walked across the water from the catamaran by strapping wormballs to its three feet.

The catamaran is sailing north-west towards an archipelago of islands, and has abandoned this triped to your mercy. What do you do?

Unexpected Guests

Bring both back to the Core Lander Module
Bring the alien to dry land
Bring the alien to the fleeing catamaran
Bring the alien to dry land, but leave a team with him

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