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Now We Are Here, General Transmission #28

Following on from this

>C-link engaged
>Backup network open/emerg/secpro: null/xcogburn
>SUBJECT: Launch detected

Ordering the ready shuttle to intercept now. The bogey is moving fast and burning up a lot of shuttle fuel. We may not be able to keep up. Switching to c/link telemetry from the shuttle pilot now.

The smaller rogue craft skewers crazily down towards Serendipity, trying to outrun the larger shuttle. It's a small shuttle-like vehicle, probably with half a dozen crew on board. The g-forces must be punishing inside as it skims the upper atmosphere.

It's on a trajectory towards the northern jungles, roughly where the cargo pod that contained the mysterious woman was found, but something goes wrong. The reddish trail of the insurgent shuttle flares white as a braking thruster explodes, and it veers off course. It plummets into the atmosphere, flaking skin tiles and burning thruster fragments. The ready shuttle follows at a safe distance on a safer course.

Whoever's at the controls of the small craft must be an absolute virtuoso of flight, as it nearly manages to pull out of its doomed path. It ends up making a relatively soft splashdown in shallow waters off the coast. It bobs back to the surface, its position marked by a plume of steam from the hot surface.

It's possible - though unlikely - that some of the crew may have survived. The ready shuttle is approaching the crash site, but the crew on board have minimal weapons or medical gear. What should they do?

Downed Bogey

Land immediately
Hold position and observe
Send out a rescue team from the CLM
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