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Warpcon '08

Wednesday: I don't worry about the con, nor do I go to UCC.
Thursday: I don't worry about the con, nor do I go to UCC.
Friday: I wander up to the con around fourish, and then vanish again. I've something of a superstition about the friday evening - I hate the dead period between opening the doors at five and the buses from Dublin & Galways turning up around half five. It always triggers nightmares about no-one showing up and the con collapsing, so I always run off between four and six so that I can return to a full, buzzing hall.

When I make it back, I find that I'm suddenly running Colm's In Nomine game. The scenario involved investigating teen suicides at a high school. The players quickly split into two groups. Group One were cautious, methodical and started assembling evidence while keeping a low profile. Group Two charged around shooting zombies. Unfortunately, Group Two hoovered up all the clues that Group One needed, so they totally missed the plot and fixated on a minor NPC. It all ended horribly, but the players had fun.

I was sort of disconnected from the pub quiz, but it looked like a lot of fun.

Saturday: For reasons that defy understanding, my Cthulhu game is on first thing in the morning. The scenario was designed to be a headwrecker - there are only two characters, but the players are playing them at three different stages in their lives. So, you've got the 1941 version of Sam Carter, the 1968 version, and the 1991 version of Sam Carter. One player dubbed it 'a Cthulhu Christmas Carol', as the younger characters learned The Error Of The Ways and it all ended happily.

Next was Paranoia. Most of the rpgs were on the balcony, which was cramped and noisy, but for Paranoia I was able to use one of the new meeting rooms. The beautiful, beautiful Dr. Strangelove-inspired meeting rooms with big circular tables and comfy chairs. The rooms that call out for political larps...anyway, enough venue drooling. The scenario went very well, although the players did delight in abusing their power over me (they were playing a firing squad, I was playing a succession of prisoners praying for their lives, they made me dance (literally)).

Finally, I The cleric and the druid crept out during the night to steal a fire elemental, leaving the thief, the drow and the paladin to explain. Then things exploded.

I skipped the charity auction (no money) and was slightly exhausted by the time I hit club Warpcon.

Sunday: Started around one in the afternoon. I hope the morning games went well. I am old, apparently, and can only cope with five slots.

My Conan game was on the afternoon. Everyone died horribly, by Crom.

I picked up Dark Heresy at the con, which is an absolutely gorgeous book. Incredibly stunning. Even people with no interest in 40k were wowed by it, which makes the Black Industries closer even more annoying.

The con closed with dinner and pubbage, although I was still too tired to be very social. I still had a good time, though. It was a very comfortable convention; running games makes me happy, and I got to run five games over the weekend. Roll on 2009... I've already got an idea for a larp in those meeting rooms...
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