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Now We Are Here, General Transmission #20

Following on from this...

Removing the other worms starts out as a vile, disgusting job, but becomes almost fun at the end. There are more worms hiding around the landing site than initially thought, and it turns into a game - climbing into vents, dragging panels open, poking mounds of snow, then lifting heavy, sticky, digusting worms out of their hiding places and dumping them into cages.

Ok, fun may be an exaggeration.

The worm in the observation chamber is allowed to complete its metamorphosis. Over the course of several days, it grows a roughly spherical cocoon around itself. Scans of the cocoon suggest the worm has grown tendrils of muscle that connect to the inner walls of the cocoon. It can flex the walls of its new housing, allowing it to move slowly. There's also a complex of valves and bladders inside, but it's not clear what their function is.

The wormball rolls around the observation chamber, bouncing off the walls, but seems to be growing weaker again. What should be done with it?

What should be done with it?

Kill it.
Continue observation, trying to find a weakness.
Continue observation, trying to learn more about their biology.
Add another worm and let that one transform too.
Release the wormball into the wild.

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