Mytholder (mytholder) wrote,

OTU/Traveller, Session 4

After a lot of paranoia and discussion of contingency plans, the characters agree to accompany Golos to the grove of unimprinted trees where Golan is supposed to be waiting. They arrive to find that the grove has been torn up and the trees already stolen. One lone tree remains, and a psychic imprint of Golan's tortured face is growing in its bark already.

Golos vows revenge on the crime lord Secumos - the same crime lord whose organisation the characters are supposed to infilitrate. Ignoring Golos' ravings, the characters head off to do some more trading before heading onto Rhise...

GM notes: Again, a slightly unfocussed session. The Firefly game is very linear 'cos there's no map of the 'Verse. With Traveller, there's the whole Imperium to jump to...
Tags: actual play, beowulf campaign, gaming, traveller

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