Mytholder (mytholder) wrote,

Traveller/OTU Session3

The Beowulf jumps to Ivendo, where they get attacked by a pair of armed scoutships. They beat the attackers off, make emergency repairs to the hull, then land on the planet, where Captain Golos of the Gentleman Bastard offers them a job. The woods of Ivendo are slightly psychic, and were formerly sculpted into beautiful statues and furniture by imprinting them with telepathic images over time. When the city-dome of Ivendo collapsed, millions died in a single catastrophe, and the psychic impact warped all the trees. Now, the Forest of Woe is a vast wilderness of twisted human shapes in wood.

Golos claims to know where a stand of unimprinted wood exists. Taking the wood offworld is illegal, but the characters are trying to establish themselves as smugglers...

GM Notes: Not a lot of actual gaming - lots of arguing over physics vs traveller tropes, physics vs fun, the problems with porting my tick-based combat system over to space combat, trade rules & economics, and other worthy playtest stuff that don't make for especially fun gaming. Still, it was productive, and has given me a direction to aim for with the space combat rules.
Tags: beowulf campaign, gaming, traveller

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