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Traveller/OTU, Session 2

Having picked up the survivors from the tourist ship, the Beowulf headed to the nearest city. Flandry had identified one of the survivors as Sir Ioseph, a noble of his acquaintance. As Flandy and the other PCs are undercover, Flandry had to stay on the flight deck while the others dealt with the passengers.

Intriguingly, Ioseph was found to be undercover as well - he introduced himself as 'Ionas', but tried to fade into the background as much as possible. Another survivor, Rurio, made a nuisance of himself by asking lots of questions. The survivors were dropped off at the city of Karlton, where the characters were questioned by an Inspector Cathelde.

'Ionas' and another passenger booked a flight on the PCs ship back to the starport, but as soon as the ship took off, they asked for a slight diversion - back to the where they were picked up. A case belonging to Ionas was equipped with a locator beacon, and survived the attack. The team picked up the case from the sea bed (briefly tangling with another sub) and then flew to the capital.

There, Revels did some digging, and confirmed that Rurio is probably chasing Sir Ioseph/Ionas, and that Ioseph's family fortunes have been falling of late. He also found that Inspector Cathelde has a reputation for being dogged and insightful, and may be more trouble that he initially seemed. Meanwhile, while Flandry maintains the ship and preps for the next jump, Gleeson and Clark sort out a cargo and passengers. Gleeson loads up the ship with an awful lot of advanced electronics, while Clark accompanies Ionas to the TAS Hostel, where the incognito noble gets letters of credit to pay for his passage, along with another case similar to the one retrieved from the ocean floor.

The Beowulf jumps for Ivendo. During the jump, the PCs spy on their passengers (Ionas/Ioseph and his servant Yari). The case recovered from the ocean contained biological samples, and the other case has scientific equipment and a medical robot. It appears that Ioseph is experimenting with replicating the ocean manna drug from Cogli...

GM Notes: Post-session, we playtested the current draft of the combat system. Bits work. Other bits don't. Currently, the major problems are:
* Dodging/cover needs to be clarified
* Weapon damage/armour balance is all over the place
* A low initiative roll means you're bored, or crippled, or both
* There's a glass ninja situation brought about by trying to extract too much information from a 2d6 roll.

All going well, I'll have a revised system together for tomorrow's Firefly game.
Tags: actual play, beowulf campaign, gaming, traveller

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