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Traveller/Firefly, Session 3

Having fled Miller's Moon, the characters debated whether to head to the nearby world of Stonybrook, or to the wrecked Independent fleet on the Field of Banners (or option 3, 'get the hell out of Dodge before the Alliance check out the report that wanted war criminal Annata Seiryu was on Miller's Moon'). Over Sanja Ross's objections, they head to Stonybrook and land at the Ross farmstead. (Yarje Ross was the Independent officer who sent the escape pod from the Field of Banners they picked up in the last session; Sanja's his teenage daughter who ran away from home to find him after the war.)

At the farmstead, they meet Alice Ross, Sanja's mother. The reunion is less touching and tearful than might be hoped, and it's almost a relief when the characters discover that Browncoat survivors from the Field of Banners fleet landed on Stonybrook a few months ago and have been raiding farms. Julius Cromwell and Jorge Gonzalez take the shuttle from the PCs' ship and fly out. Cue a firefight that leaves three Browncoats dead and Julius unconscious.

Retreating to the farmhouse, there's a classic 'homestead under siege' scene. Eleven bandits attack, and by the end the only uninjured people are Seiryu and Alice Ross. The characters are victorious, and take what little spoils they can get from the bandit camp - weapons, ammo, and another four escape pods from the Independent fleet to go along with the one they picked up last week.

After a quick stop in town to pick up the supplies needed by the crippled Indy fleet, and more arguing with Sanja, they fly off to the Field of Banners. The fleet is surrounded by a minefield, but they're able to use the escape pods as sacrifices to thread their way through. Quaid and Jorge dock with the Valley Forge, and discover that most of the ship is dead vacuum... but there's a section near the engine room that's still got air and heat. It looks like that someone is still alive on board the ship, even after nine months.

They open the airlock into the heated section... and back on the Midnight Moon, Cromwell detects another ship in the wrecked fleet powering up its systems...

GM Notes: The major parts of the session were arguing over what to do about the crippled Indy fleet, and the skirmishes with the bandits. This first field test of the combat system went ok - I didn't really brief the players enough on how to use it, and played the enemies rather stupidly to compensate, but it still worked ok. It threw up a few problems, but nothing that can't be overcome. Damage is still very, very fuzzy, though.

Post-game, we went to Ed's leaving drinks. He's off to Australia (well, Thailand first) on Thursday. I am now mildly drfunk, and have edited many typos out of this entry.
Tags: actual play, firefly, gaming, traveller

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