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Rambling and lengthy notes

I am in Heathrow. I will be here for another seven hours or so, because I went for the cheapest flight back to Cork, which does not leave until half ten or something. I shall fill the intervening time by writing about zombies and reading space opera.

I have time for a lengthy blog entry because the stupid internet-voucher machine only gives £10 vouchers, turning a quick checking of email into a lengthy wander around the intertubes. Curse it.

This weekend, I was in London mainly for the wedding of jonnynexus, and you will of course all join me in wishing him and his bride the heartiest (in a not-actually-containing-non-vegan-hearts) congratulations. Friday, I stayed chez rustynails9 & geishaguy, where we played Werewolf (the 'you're all villagers being eaten at night', not the 'mild irritation against the Wyrm' one). Mr. Nexus texted me at half nine that evening, cordially inviting me to wander out to the actual wedding ceremony. I replied saying that I would of course be honoured to be out in Osterley at the stroke of 11am, then fell asleep and did not stir until the stroke of sometime well after noon.

I finally made it to the hotel by celestial navigation, where I was greeted by entirely too many people who have livejournals. Soon after, we moved to the ballroom for the wedding lunch. We were all at, I think, the Yorkshire Terrier table. natural20 looked indignantly at the Irish Wolfhound table; bogboy merely looked longingly through the wall at the kebab stand a few miles away.

After lunch, my intention was to check into the room shared with time_for_tea and crash out for a while. I postponed this when, as soon as the toasts were toasted, the ballroom doors were flung open by...Elvis.

There's a photo of my reaction. It's not online yet. It should be. It was very odd.

Anyway, like the wuss that I am, I did rest for a while, but that was purely to marshal my strength for the long evening ahead, and was one of the contributing factors to finding myself outside at 4 in the morning with natural20, ubiquitous_cat and two bottles of wine.

Another factor, of course, was that all the doors to the hotel were locked and there was no sign of the night porter.

Hmm. This computer is trying to kick me off. More later.
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