Mytholder (mytholder) wrote,

Weekend Update

I'm back from Edinburgh. It was a slightly quieter weekend than anticipated, but I did get to pop in to the transformation of rpgactionfigure into malcstravelogue, argue the merits of Facebook Scrabble with mirax_girl and catch up with blearyboy and lilaanne and their as-yet-livejournal-less-but-it's-only-a-matter-of-time offspring.

Many thanks to time_for_tea and thorn11 for the use (nay, loan) of their flat, marrog/adrenalineanima/call_waiting/ratmist for hosting various evenings. Oh, and boxninja for guiding me home and trixibell for lunch. I swear, everyone in that city has a livejournal.

I also picked up Pendragon and The Great Pendragon Campaign, which I may run at some point. Y'know, when I've got a spare lifetime.
Tags: gaming, life

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