Mytholder (mytholder) wrote,

On The Danger Of Titles

I've a terrible habit of starting with titles, and working from there. Usually, I have some vague idea what the title means, but not always. I wrote the title of the current chapter of this Hawkmoon adventure anthology in my original outline last month, and while I really like the title, I have no idea how to turn it into an actual adventure. If I were sensible, then I'd move onto another chapter that I actually have a plan for, but I like the title too much, so I'm just making stuff up in the hope that it all coheres. Ah well, I can call it a tribute* to how Moorcock originally wrote the books.

*: Admittedly, he did it while on drugs. All I've got is sleeplessness and a hell of a lot of strong tea.

(The title is The Divine Mother of Jaguars, by the way. I really like it, I don't care about anyone else.)
Tags: gaming, hawkmoon

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