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One of the weird things about Mongoose is their review policy, or lack thereof. They don't usually send out review copies, which means that feedback is hard to come by, and the only sign that the books actually exist is the occasional discussion online or when I get my author's copies. For the last few months, the situation's been even weirder - there was a four-month delay while the new printing press came online, and two of the books I wrote were cancelled after being finished. So, for a long while, I've just been writing text and mailing it off into the void.

I just finally got my author's copies of two books, Hawkmoon and Jrustela. Hawkmoon came out rather well; it feels nice and solid and playable, and the art is mostly fine. Jrustela...well, it was the Book That Nearly Broke Me, but it benefits so much from actually being in print, instead of just existing as a Word document. Text that seems uncertain on screen has added authority in print, and I was very uncertain about writing in the Glorantha setting.

It's good to be reminded that all this typing actually does lead to something.

Edit: The two cancelled books were for a project that never happened, and I wasn't that happy about them or the project anyway. Weep and worry not.
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