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SLA Industries game: In our defence

In the penultimate session of our SLA Industries game, we got arrested and charged. In the interests of full disclosure, here's the charge sheet and what actually happened.

- Unsanctioned interruption of SLA endorsed contract killer combat.
We were reporters! Running into the middle of the battle and stabbing people with a Power Claymore, not to mention getting into running gunfights with other media outfits is how you get (or make) the story.

- Communication with radical anti-SLA group “Slingerz”, including attendance at 1 meeting.
This one was totally not our fault. We were ordered to infiltrate them.

- Bullet killings of 2 Shiver Unit officers during sanctioned Level 3a raid of above radical group.
It was self-defence.

- Links to non-contracted killer “Interrupter”, wanted for Urz and Mish (power claymore) killings.
My reporter was a Frother. He had an... 'in-your-face' interviewing style. By style, I mean Power Claymore.

- Links to anti-SLA “Hunter” propaganda.
Yeah, ok, having an automated program mail out reams of drug-fuelled rantings about Mr. Slayer is a bit illegal, but in my defence, my character was dead at the time.

- Decapitation killing of Jane Miriam.
Wasn't us!

- Laser killing of Yoshi Fujita.
Wasn't us! I only ate part of the corpse. (My second character is a rather clueless and dishonourable Shaktar.)

- Links to non-suicide death of Professor Ameran.
I don't even know what was going on here. I never met the guy. He's part of the whole sentient robot camera plotline that I've been studiously avoiding.

- Assault of on-duty Shiver Unit.
I didn't know what was at the bottom of the elevator shaft when I jumped down it! I even ran away instead of shooting them!

- Slander regarding terrorist links to Shiver Unit officers Murphy, Hinks and McCoy, and bullet/vibro saw killings of said officers.
Ok, this one's just embarassing. We decided to skip the whole 'investigative' part of 'investigative reporting', and just framed the Shivers who were securing the crime scene. In retrospect, this was a badly planned one.

- Destruction of SLA property, including 1 single-dock civilian-class Wheelbus.
Not our fault! There was a serial killer on board! Or a DarkNight Operative? Or a robot. Or something.

- Aiding escape of convicted DarkNight operative Cassie Commons.
We were ordered to do this one too! By an executive who's now denying all knowledge of us!

- Willful damage to SLA patented I series Ro-man.
I thought it was a Manchine. It bloody was a Manchine, only they're not calling them Manchines now. And it turned out to have the brain of my previous character, the Frother, inside.

- Communication with \classified\ level SLA threats.
- Provision of false information to SLA executives, directly leading to destruction of 2 Black Chapter units.

So, we're there in Cannibal Sector One, and we meet this crazy old mystic guy, who tries to convince us to help him assassinate Mr. Slayer, because we'll be covering a press conference of his and so we're the only people who can get close enough. 'Sure', we say, 'of course we'll help you, Crazy Mystic Guy With Scary Psychic Powers.' So, we go back to Mort, and as soon as we're on the right side of the wall, we ring the authorities and say 'there's a crazy Psychic guy in there! Nuke him!'. The trouble is, they send in the army instead of just bombing the place, and it turns out there was no sign of Crazy Mystic Guy when they arrived.

There was, however, a nuke.

Which went boom.

And they're blaming us for it. But it was totally not our fault.

Tonight's session was even more of a disaster.

We get arrested and interrogated. We argue with the interrogators, who hit us with sticks. Then, fortunately, we're broken out of prison by NPCs, who we proceed to argue with until they dump us in a warehouse. We're wanted criminals, but on the bright side, they arrested the current and former editors of the newspaper we work for, too, and they also escaped in the chaos and have also been dumped at the warehouse. So, we express our thanks and appreciation for many weeks of mismanagement and editorial interference by beating them up a lot.

Still, we're wanted criminals on the run. We argue about what we should do, and if there's anyone we can turn in to clear our names. Eventually, it's agreed that the absolute best thing to do is to join DarkNight. Brilliant.

When you're playing upright, heroic SLA Operatives, Darknight conspirators and assassins are everywhere, lurking in every corner and alleyway. When you're trying to defect, however, there's no sign of them anywhere. They're not in the phonebook (we checked), and even our characters aren't stupid enough to try a computer search for them. We decide to hit the streets of DownTown after disguising ourselves.

Being wanted criminals, we take the bus for a while, before deciding that a taxi would be easier. We don't have the money to pay for a taxi, of course, so we go Grand Theft Auto Mort City and hijack one, solving the money issue, but creating the 'dead taxi driver' issue. We stick him in the book of his taxi and blow it up, seconds before thinking 'hang on, why don't we keep the taxi'.

Anyway, after a lot of arguing and even more walking, we finally get a lead on a bar where we might be able to find anti-SLA sympathisers who could put us in touch with DarkNight. We arrive there, only to find out its the same bar we, er, interviewed in a previous mission (using our standard interviewing technique of driving the newsvan through the door, machine-gunning the place, and drugging the survivors).

Standing in the ruins of that bar, listening to the rain and the sirens, I think my character dimly realised that maybe, just maybe, we were a bit trigger-happy. We also realised we had absolutely no idea where to go or what to do, other than find a TV and watch some crazy cult try to assassinate Mr. Slayer at the press conference we won't be covering now.

Fortunately, the Other Crazy Mystic Guy Who Isn't Space Dwarf And Also Totally Isn't Emo Jesus showed up then.

If he's lucky, we won't shoot him in the last session... but Kik'Doc the Stupid Shaktar has a lot of ammo left for his machine gun.
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