Mytholder (mytholder) wrote,

Narn I Hin Hurin, Chapter IX

The chapter is titled 'The Death of Beleg', and shockingly, Beleg dies in this chapter. No good deed goes unpunished when your friend is cursed by Morgoth.

* * *

"But now in the camp beneath the Orcs were roused, both by the storm and by Turin's cry, and disovered that Turin was gone; but no search was made for him for they were filled with terror by the thunder that came out of the West, believing it was sent by the great Enemies beyond the sea." The Orcs know about the Valar. That's interesting.

* * *

Note to self: Experiment with constrained description in RPGs. If the Games Master *has* to frame scenes with specific language, how will it affect play? ("And now the heroes come to the land of Nargothrond, where Orodreth is King.")

Tags: books, narn i hin hurin

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