Mytholder (mytholder) wrote,

Narn I Hin Hurin: Chapter VI

I'm well behind on my chapter-by-chapter blogging - I finished the book last week. Still...

Morgoth's curse makes Turin a rather unsympathetic protagonist. He's basically doomed to quarrel with everyone who means him well, which results in a lot of "Turin meets some allies, he says something stupid, he leaves in a huff and ends up in the next elf-kingdom". That's how he left Doriath, and his fate in Nargothrond is similar. In this chapter, Turin Among The Outlaws, he manages to ally himself with an outlaw band. Of course, it could be argued that that's the curse working again - if it were not for the outlaws, then Turin would never have ended up in the House of Min the Petty-Dwarf...

Beleg the Elf gets captured by the outlaws and tied to a tree. Once again, we'll see the dark, cursed reflection of that event in a while, when Turin and Beleg's positions are reversed. When it's Beleg tied to the tree, Turin gets to rescue him. When it's Beleg, splat urg angst.
Tags: books, narn i hin hurin

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