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... was mainly taken up with me forgetting things, or getting things mixed up.

Faintly humourous anecdotes
Me (via text): Ok, rpgactionfigure, I'm getting in around two. I guess I'll just hang around town until you finish work and can let me into the flat.
Him: The email you sent me last week said you arrive at 8 in the evening.
Me: Oh. *checks*. Yes, that's right. Oops.

Me: I thought your wedding was very much family-only.
luciddestiny: No, mate, it's in a giant cathedral.
Me: Oh. Well, I won't be at the Dublin reception because it's on the same weekend as Conpulsion.
luciddestiny: You're at Conpulsion. The Dublin reception is next weekend. You can go to both if you want.
Me: Oh. Yes, that's right. Oops.

Me: Ok, ocultado, I'll meet you and the other WoW people for lunch.
*ten minutes later*
Me (via text): roh_bela_arraha, you free for lunch?
*an hour later*
I go to lunch with cujo_valtone.

Me: I have no idea what the answer to that pub quiz question is.
Quiz announcer: Glorantha.
Me: Oops.

Monday, around 1am
Me: I'm so tired I think I may physically fall over and die right now.
mirax_girl: Let's all go back to the basement of Black Lion and drink mead.
Me: Er, ok.

(Wow, what a lot of people have livejournals these days.)

Sundry Notes
The con itself was a bit quiet, and the absence of coffee_lifeform was an obvious presence, but still great fun. Gobion, Hannah and Matt from Red Redemption were there, and (I'm told) enjoyed the weekend.

I also got to speak briefly to, or, one case, threaten to murder various people. I even got to play a few games, of which more anon. I totally failed to playtest my Game Chef entry, and while I love the central idea, I've come to dislike much of the rest of the game. There's not enough time to change it now, so we'll see if the coolness of the core concept conceals the crapness.

And obviously, the luciddestiny/syleth wedding was suitably awesome.

Games Played
Paranoia: A fun Classic game. I was Team Leader, and a Psion operative. We actually got close to completing the mission, until the damn mutant I was trying to recruit got me killed by a spider-thing.

Spirit of the Century: Yeah, ok, it seems to be genius, or at least very good. I was turned off by the pulp setting (the whole 'Century baby' thing struck me as being a) lifted from Planetary/Authority and b) pointless), but it looks like the system is worth it on its own. I'll need to grab a copy, I think.

Shock: Social Science Fiction: It's hard to tell from an hour-long demo, but it struck me as a very well put together storytelling game, but not an rpg. The Issue/Shock grid is brilliant; the resolution system seemed clunky.

Some London Tube Game: End of the con, we were bored. I failed to build the Blue Line out to some obscure station in Docklands and paid dearly for it.

Stuff Bought
Most of Core Command: It was cheap in the auction.

TSR Conan: It wasn't cheap in the auction.

Cannibal Sector One/Hunter Sheets: Gorgeous looking books; content looks nice too, although I think any future SLA stuff I run will be in my own variant on the setting.

Move Under Ground: Jack Kerouac vs Cthulhu. I read this on the flight back, and it's amazing fun. I don't know enough about the Beat poets to pick up all the jokes and references, but for atmospheric Cthulhuoid visions, it's great.

Shriek: An Afterword: I loved City of Saints and Madmen, but this novel set in the same city isn't grabbing me the same way. Still, I'm only getting started.

Halo: Ghost of Onyx. I, Fanboy.
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