August 7th, 2013


Obstinately untitled cooking blog

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I’m quite sure I’ve cooked in the weeks since the last update. It was undoubtedly just fuel food though. Things have been busy, between pre-GenCon madness in work and the boys’ immensely successful naming ceremony.

Today, I tried Gordon Ramsay’s Chilli Con Carne. I’ve never been wild about chilli – it always seems like spicy burnt tomatoes on slightly grainy beans to me. This recipe seemed a little more energetic though, with its chocolate and half a bottle of red wine.

Cooking it was straightforward, although I forgot to add the chocolate, and was asked to add a courgette and sweetcorn to bulk up the fibre content. The result was… well, deli really liked it. I found it tasted like spicy burnt tomatoes on slightly grainy beans. Still, the meat turned out nicely, we’ve plenty of left-overs, and it was at least edible.
Maybe, and I’m going out on a limb here, maybe I just don’t like chilli.