February 17th, 2010


Milkyfish Press

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I’ve updated (and by updated, I mean ‘mangled the HTML of deli’s nice site, so she’s going to design another one I can’t break so easily’) Milkyfish.com, which is our self-publishing operation. We’re starting off with a trio of Traveller supplements.

I’m referring to these as ‘campaign toolkits’. They’re half-way between sourcebooks and adventures. It’s my contention that if you get past session five of a campaign, you’re fine – the game’s hit critical mass at that point, and has generated enough content and subplots to keep going indefinitely. The players are invested in their characters and know enough about how the setting works and how the group interacts to make plans and take charge of their own destinies. Running an awesome first session is easy enough; it’s running an awesome fourth session that’s tricky.

The campaign toolkit idea is to be a second-stage booster, keeping the game going past the first few sessions until it can fly under its own power.

There’s a poll on the Milkyfish site, where you can vote for your favourite of the three proposed toolkits. Regular readers of my livejournal will recognise one of them.