November 21st, 2008


12 games you should play before you become overly morbid

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There’s a meme going around about the 12 rpgs you should play before you die (and as an aside, I loathe that expression; here are the things you do before you die, die, die). Here’s my list, with the caveat that it’s really just ‘twelve games that are interesting and worth playing.’

  1. D&D: It’s the ur-game, the core text, the lingua franca of gaming. Plus, killing things and taking their stuff is fun for all. 
  2. Call of Cthulhu: Investigation and historical gaming; the scenario as narrative.
  3. Traveller: Career-based character generation, ship design, a universe with a life beyond the player characters.
  4. Nobilis: Collaborative design of major campaign elements (something I’ll be returning to in detail later), crazy gonzo philosophy action.
  5. Any WoD game: Faction-driven gaming.
  6. Baron Munchausen: Rambling with rules.
  7. Paranoia: Because it’s great.
  8. World of Warcraft: Because it’s huge.
  9. In A Wicked Age: Zero-prep collaborative gaming.
  10. Over The Edge: Rules-light weirdness.
  11. Blue Planet: A realistic and coherent future setting, plus you get to play distinctly non-human characters.
  12. The next game you’re going to play: Because it’ll be the best one yet.