October 16th, 2008


The Balancing Act

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Hammer’s Slammers for Traveller is finally done. Some books flow off the keyboard, some books take a bit of work, and some never, ever end. Slammers was one of the latter - I’ve been working on it, on and off, since the middle of August, which is a long time in Mongoose-land.

Now, I need to get back on top of freelance work again while also catching up on the next Mongoose book, an update of the old Prison Planet adventure. Full-time freelancing is always a hellish balancing act - you need to line up enough work to keep busy, but also avoid taking on so many jobs that you can’t do them all justice. I’m wavering at the brink of the latter right now, but I should be clear by December, all going well.

* * *

Next week is Gaelcon. This is the first year in a while that I haven’t been on the committee or contributed any scenarios, but I’ll be there nonetheless. There’s a lack of buzz for the con at the moment, but the weekend itself is always entertaining. I also get to introduce deli to my sister, who lives near the con.

Also coming up fast are Dragonmeet and Warpcon. I’ll be running #SOME_MONGOOSE_GAME (probably Paranoia or Traveller at Dragonmeet, and Cthulhu, Paranoia and Nobilis at Warpcon.

* * *

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