September 29th, 2008

now we are here, AI

Now We Are Here, General Transmission #31

In the early years of the 22nd century, war broke out between the free colonies of the Jovian moons and the AESIR - the Alliance of Earth and Satellite Independent Republics. Despite a spirited defence, the Jovian Collective was defeated in 2121.

Rather than live under Earth rule, the Collective embarked on an ambitious plan to launch colony ships to distant worlds. These ships were hurriedly assembled in secret, and launched in 2124. Your ship, the St. Andrew was destined for a verdant, Earth-like world called Serendipity.
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Six months have passed since the colony ship St. Andrew arrived at Serendipity; three and a half months have passed since the abortive Flight Crew rebellion and the recovery of the ship's AI, Prospero.
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