August 26th, 2008


A tentative manifesto as regards roleplaying games

Originally published at Figures of Text. Please leave any comments there.

I’ve been moving both physically and metaphorically all week. The books are (mostly) stacked in bookcases, the floor is no longer entirely eclipsed by boxes, and the new blog looks presentable. So, welcome to that’s not my squid.

This, for example, is a blog, and not your squid.

You will not find your squid or anyone else’s squid here at all.

We are as one in our absence of squid.

* * *

I’m off to GenCon UK in the morning, and deli only just set up the lj feed for this blog, so this must suffice as both a brief introduction and a brief declaration of principles.

* Any and all forms of roleplaying games can be fun with the right group.
* No tools or techniques will be dismissed completely.
* That said, my particular interests are adventure design, player challenges and dilemmas, and group dynamics in traditional rpgs.
* I want to use this blog to focus myself on producing one or more commercial tabletop games, either through the corporate masters at Mongoose or through self-publishing.
* Most of all, I want to use this blog to improve my gaming and how much fun my friends are having.