May 21st, 2008


Another infrequent update

Very busy at the moment, so I shall bullet point. Current stuff ongoing:
* Writing two Paranoia books.
* Prepping for a Conan book.
* Trying to assemble Traveller errata and being generally relieved that the fanbase (mostly) doesn't want to shoot me
* Finishing off some Trail of Cthulhu work
* Juggling four tabletop campaigns (Dark Heresy x 2, Denis's Spirit of the Century game, and winding up a Doctor Who playtest).
* Trying to get Now We Are Here back on track
* Catching up with two weeks of stuff not getting done because I was in Japan
* Trip to Berlin in June
* kindermord's wedding in June
* Trips to West Cork/Kerry in June & August
* Lots and lots of social stuff
* Drooling over Age of Conan and convincing myself I don't want to play it. At all.
* Sorting out finances
* Trying and failing to catch up on sleep - still semi-jetlagged
And, most important of all, suddenly having delichan in the same country (or city, or room) as me, which is simultaneously wonderful, exciting, strange and very familiar and comfortable.

Life is very full right now.