March 10th, 2008



...was rather good. Cheers to paperfl0wers for sorting accomm. I played D&D in memory of Gygax (we were temple robbers cursed to a dungeon full of Grimtooth's traps), Cthulhu, GURPS Wandering About In Africa Is Quite Interesting and ran a playtest of a Trail of Cthulhu scenario. Old friends and new friends and no enough sleep.

And there was the PGWodehouse/HPLovecraft crossover larp, What Ho, Hastur!. I got to play Bertie. 'twas marvellous. I gave Jeeves a month off, and if a chap wants to spend a month metamorphosing into a, a, well, a bally eldritch thing, or being dead for that matter, well, who am I to argue?