January 4th, 2008

now we are here, AI

Now We Are Here, General Transmission #17

>C-link engaged
>PROSPERO network open/general/secpro: null/xprospero
Automated sensors at the landing site have found a dozen other worms, just like the captured one. They've been clustering around exhaust vents and other heat sources. They're not putting up any resistance, so we can remove them if we want to.

The captured worm is still in the secure tank, but it's started to change. We started heating the tank a bit more, which jolted the worm out of its lethargy. It's started to ooze a rubbery gel from its skin, and it's rolling around in the gel. It looks very much like chrysalis behaviour.

It's fascinating. And yucky. I don't actually have the same visceral response you monkeys do, but I can model it to sixteen decimal places, so I say it's yucky with confidence. Really, I don't know how you people cope with all this bodily fluids nonsense...

Worm Trouble

Capture the other worms & put them in the tank.
Remove the other worms, leave the captive as it is.
Kill the other worms, leave the captive as it is.
Remove the other worms, dissect the captive when it's midway through its change.
Remove the other worms, let the captive complete its change.
Kill all the worms.