December 26th, 2007


Now We Are Here, General Transmission #15

Like a previous message, this is passed on secretly. It's from Cogburn, one of the senior security staff.

Oh, and a few people were wondering about Eugenie Kale, who was mentioned in Cogburn's last message. Nothing official has been said yet, but there are rumours about someone having died when the heat shield collapsed during the first aerobraking. Others might know more...

Collapse )

Now We Are Here, General Transmission #16

Following on from this...

The entities roll towards the security team, the spheres that make up their mass undulating and pulsing weirdly. Some spheres wrinkle and flatten, their colour and consistency changing until they are razor-edged discs, spinning like bonesaws. Other spheres ripple and become partially translucent, and you can see shapes inside.Collapse )