December 2nd, 2007



That was a weird con, mainly because a morning meeting overran (not helped by me going to the wrong coffee shop) and I turned up at the con a lot later than I expected, and had to bounce from demo to seminar to demo rather rapidly. I did have a chance to catch up with various people, such as my annual meeting with the Scarlet Jester.

The two demos went quite well; I was less happy with the seminar I gave on the new Traveller. I didn't have much to say that I haven't already said online, and I may have babbled like a mad person. Solo panels are scary, especially when you can't speak with authority. I do have a new and immense appreciation for BITS, both for comments in the seminar and discussions afterwards.

Charity auction raised £1,800; I may have been slightly involved. I did pick up the First & Last copy of Trail of Cthulhu, as well as, er, placards.

Other loot: Cthulhutech, Shock, Don't Rest Your Head, Lacuna & Burning Wheel. Hmm. I've just realised the correspondance between the purchases and the alleged guests (well, drivingblind was definitely there, but memento_mori...lies, all lies).

Oh, and a copy of my own Alpha Complex Nights, which has my favouritest PARANOIA scenario wot I have wrot, evar (Sweep of Unhistory).

Egad! And Game Night, of course!

Right. To bed, or at least to the fold-out couch of rustynails9 & geisha_guy, who are my gracious hosts for the weekend, and who shall be rewarded with Pushing Daisies if Niamh turns off the West Wing for five minutes tomorrow.

Tomorrow, also, I update Now We Are Here.
now we are here, AI

Now We Are Here, General Transmission 12 - Out of the Hot Caves

>C-link engaged
>PROSPERO network open/general/secpro: null/xprospero
>SUBJECT: Situation Update

Attention all crew,
sorry for the delay in communications. There was a glitch up here on the St. Andrew (we'll look into it). First, though, let's update everyone on the current situation.

Luis Wirren, one of the Survey Team, went missing two days ago when looking for a lost survey drone. The rescue team located Luis inside one of the hot caves near the landing site. There was no sign of the missing drone.

The team returned to the landing site. As per offical biohazard protocols, all team members and Luis were put into quarantine. As yet, they have shown no signs of infection or other illness. Luis has recovered and awoken: he claims that he entered the cave and found the drone lying disabled in the cave floor. When he went to examine it, something hit him from behind. Examination of his injuries suggest that he was run over by some sort of vehicle. Traces of some sort of organic residue were found all over his body. Analysis of the residue is ongoing.

Satellites have been able to follow the trail from the cave; it heads into the lake to the south of the landing site. It also goes up a steep cliff at one point, suggesting the vehicle is extremely agile.

Since Luis went missing, the colony has been locked down, but there have been no new external threats.

Poll #1099107 Out of the Hot Caves

How do you proceed?

Investigate the hot caves
Investigate the trail and the lake
Canvel lockdown and continue developing the colony site