November 5th, 2007

now we are here, AI

Now We Are Here, General Transmission 8 - for new players

This is a catch-up post for new players - existing players can ignore it, or greet the newbies.

>C-Link Engaged
>PROSPERO network open/general/secpro: null/xprospero
>SUBJECT: Welcome back

Please remain calm – disorientation and memory loss are common side effects of long-term stasis. My diagnostics show that both you and your c-link implants are fully functional, and you should be fully recovered shortly.

I am Prospero, the artificial intelligence system of the St. Andrew colony ship, launched 2124 from Ganymede. You have been in stasis for the duration of our journey to Serendipity.

The mission has not gone quite according to plan. A failure in the St Andrew's heat shield during aerobraking has damaged our vessel, forcing us to jettison a large portion of the cargo. It is believed that the bulk of the cargo can be recovered. We also launched the Core Lander Module early, and have established an initial base in a cold valley north of the world-girdling jungles. You are here. Conditions are a little cramped at the moment as we set up emergency shelters, but spare a thought for your fellow crew still on the orbiting colony ship, which is even more crowded with both awakened colonists and the Flight Crew, who watched over you on the long journey.

On the other hand, I've got the full run of the ship's mainframe, so I'm the only one with living space to spare, metaphorically speaking. Sometimes, it's good to be a sentient AI.

Orbital probes revealed the presence of several unusual species on Serendipity, including possibly-sentient tripeds and potentially dangerous 'poondogs'. A full security presence is being maintained until we are sure the native fauna is safe.

As is customary, important decisions will be made by consensus over your implants. To confirm that your implants are working, please sign in here.