November 1st, 2007


Journal of Advanced Roleplaying Studies Article

Abstract: We propose the use of a 'problem hole' in all roleplaying games. A problem hole is a suitably deep (effectively bottomless) shaft or chasm, which is identified or constructed early in the campaign. All insolvable problems, contradictory evidence, annoying NPCs, books of eldritch lore or talismans of ultimate evil are consigned to the problem hole, thus removing them from play.

The statue of the ancient god is speaking in your dreams? Problem hole.
You can't leave the planet because you owe your old pal a favour? Problem hole.
You've worked out what the government conspiracy is up to, apart from one niggling detail? Problem hole.
The pesky reporter is sniffing around? Problem hole.

While not categorised as such, we believe the earliest use of a problem hole was in Professor Tolkien's pioneering work in the field.

Researchers: Dr mytholder & Dr ninja_comedian, building on the 'we dig a really deep hole and leave a message for the time travellers from the future' plan of Dr. mulkabu.