October 20th, 2007


Now We Are Here, rambling

Sorry about the lack of posts this week - Traveller development kicked into high gear. I'll probably keep the next few entries as public ones - it's a lot less time-consuming than doing the custom filtered posts (but I am keeping track of who's been naughty and nice on the CLM or staying on the St. Andrew.
now we are here, AI

Now We Are Here, General Transmission 6 - On the Surface

The St. Andrew, bloodied and burned from its first disastrous run through the atmosphere, now falls back towards the green/blue world of Serendipity. As the noise and vibrations grow, you feel a series of dull distant thumps, as one by one the outer cargo pods detach. Prospero feeds tracking data into your c-links, and dozens of bright green lines fall away from the blue marker that is your ship. As you watch, the ship marker glows red, then orange, then -
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(Everyone can vote, not just those who went down on the CLM.)