October 12th, 2007

now we are here, AI

Now We Are Here, General Transmission 3

>C-link engaged
>PROSPERO network open/general/secpro: null/xprospero
>SUBJECT: Aerobraking

Attention all hands!
The St. Andrew will shortly be entering the upper atmosphere of Serendipity. This procedure is known as aerobraking, and is necessary to reduce our velocity and to attain a stable orbit.

There will be two periods of aerobraking. We will shortly commence the main braking procedure, which will be the time of greatest stress on the ship and our new heat shield. When we emerge from the atmosphere once more, our speed will have been greatly reduced. We will loop around in a wide orbit, and at aposer, we will use our thrusters to push us onto a new closer orbit. There will then be a second, much more gentle pass through the atmosphere, which will put us into a geostationary orbit about Site 3 - an optimum situation for launching missions to the surface and deploying the Core Lander Module.

For safety's sake, you must all now report to the Core Lander Module, which has crash couches for all awake crew. The Flight Crew will use their own couches along the drive spine.

Please do not move around the cabin while the Artificial Intelligence has switched on the 'fasten crash couch' light.
Please do not smoke.
Please do not attach undue meaning to the phrase 'crash couch'.

The majority of my attention will be focussed on final approach calculations and monitoring of the heat shield. While I will be available for queries, I would appreciate it if you talk amongst yourselves until aerobraking is complete.

Thank you,
ok, I should have said 'now we are almost here'

Oh, if anyone just woke up from stasis and is confused, please sign in here.