August 19th, 2007


Quick Notes

* I need to blog last week's JANUS game. And, after tonight, this week's JANUS game.
* JANUS is going on hold so I can run a Traveller playtest game.
* As is, probably, my SotC game.
* Which means I need to get a workable draft of chargen done sharpish.
* I have, unexpectedly, an XBox360.
* Gears of War is really good.
* I saw The Bourne Ultimatum this week, and now I really must see the other two Bourne movies. It was excellent.
* This week, I'll be in Dublin Wednesday/Thursday for the NIN/Foo Fighters
* Then off to London Friday/Saturday/Sunday.
* I really need to write up an entry on Mongoose, Traveller, and what I want to do with the corebook, but that'll have to wait until I have more time.