August 2nd, 2007


L'esprit d'escalier Optional Rule for Runequest

At the end of a scene or encounter, you may spend one Hero Point (or Fate Point, in Hawkmoon) to retroactively have your character say or do something during that scene - a particularly cutting insult, picking up an item and so forth. Your change cannot affect the overall outcome of the scene.

(It's comparatively rare for players in my games to pick up on the power of Adventure-style dramatic editing in systems which offer it. I'm wondering if having a definite time when it is ok to alter in-game events would help.)

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Linking this thing about ceramic cameras to strigine has now got me speculating. If you squint and handwave a moderate amount, you can assemble all the ingrediants for photography hundreds of years before it was actually discovered. (One suggested explanation for the Shroud of Turin, for instance, is that it was some form of photograph). I want to run a Warhammer game where Imperial alchemists developed the camera. Gathering photographic proof of Skaven in the sewers, sneaking into rival wizards' castles to copy their spellbooks, ten foot poles with cameras on the end...